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Protect your home from damage with our advanced electronic leak detection services.

No longer do plumbers have to search for leaks with stethoscopes! American Plumbing provides electronic leak detection services for plumbing that is more difficult to inspect. This non-invasive process allows for little to no damage during the detection phase. Utilizing this technology, we are also able to detect leaks in slabs. In addition to water pipes, this kind of leak detection can be utilized on natural gas lines, air conditioners, and other pressurized systems.  

Other ways to detect leaks include searching for soft spots in the walls and ceilings. Finding discoloration and moisture can be a sign that you have a leak within your walls.

In addition, if you have abnormally high water bills, this may also indicate that there is water leaking undetected somewhere. When we do find a leak, we will work with you to develop a plan for repair. We aim to control the leak quickly to minimize any further potential damage to your home. Our plumbers always provide excellent service and work until you are fully satisfied.

Leak Detection Baton Rouge LA - American Plumbing - leak-detectionCause and origin insurance reports made easy.

A little leak can turn into a big mess if not properly repaired as soon as possible. Form roof and window leaks to groundwater intrusion, unwanted water can enter your home in many ways. Also, pipes that spring leaks are sealed temporarily and incorrectly. As a result, the pipes can burst to create a bigger problem than it ever needed to be. If you do detect a leak, no matter where it is, it is crucial that you call a professional to fix it.

We recommend that your home be inspected every year to ensure that your pipes and other components of your plumbing are in proper working condition.

Being proactive means that you will be ahead of any leaks that may occur as a result of weak, vulnerable sections of your piping. If any damage does occur as a result of a leak, your insurance will most likely ask you for a cause and origin report. We can provide you with a detailed report of these factors during our inspection of your home for you to present to your insurance company.

Potential Sources of Leaks Within Your Home:

  • Damaged pipe joints
  • Extreme water pressure
  • Intruding tree roots
  • Bipolar temperatures
  • Broken seals in roofs, windows, and pipes

If you have a leak, you need it fixed fast to minimize water damage within your home. Call the plumbers you can trust at American Plumbing. With our speedy response time and our experienced plumbers, we can solve your leaking problems the right way the first time. Call us today!
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