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Pipe fitting and pump replacement for your industrial demands.

American Plumbing will handle all of your industrial plumbing needs. We are skilled at pipe fitting for different elements, including water, gas, coolant, steam, and more depending on your business. Replacing pipes can help your business by lowering operation costs due to sediment buildup and corrosion. Our plumbers can ensure that everything is in proper working condition to optimize your business production.

Industrial buildings that demand large amounts of water require a properly working pump to push the water through their system. An old or damaged pump could mean that the business is not accomplishing what it is capable of.

Operating with pumps such as these could result in damaged or bursting pipes and fixtures in your business- a risk that isn’t worth taking. By allowing a professional plumber to replace your pump, your risk will be reduced, and your business will be able to produce at the level that it should.

Industrial Plumbing Baton Rouge LA - American Plumbing - industrial-pipe-fittingIndustrial lift station repairs and installation

If your lift station needs plumbing service, American Plumbers is here to help you. Lift stations are used to move water from low to high elevations and to reduce the cost of construction of sewage systems. They are designed to pump wastewater through smaller pipelines. Doing this will help save money because you are not forced to dig for large, underground sewage pipes. In addition to repairs, we can also provide lift station installation to minimize your business costs when it comes to your sewage system. We will work with you to select a lift station that best fits your industrial plumbing needs.

Our Commercial Plumbing Services Include:

  • Pipefitting
  • Pump replacement
  • Lift station installation and repairs
  • Replacement of toilet valves
  • Replacement of sink faucets
  • Installation, cleaning, and repairs of floor drains
  • Video pipe inspection and tracking for drain cleaning
  • Backflow testing, certification, and installation
  • Gas and water line repairs and installation

For more information about our industrial plumbing services, call the experts at American Plumbing today. We will make sure your industrial plumbing is optimizing your business, not hindering it.
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