You Have Questions, We Have Answers.

We do our best to be proactive with any questions you may have, but if there is something we have not covered, or you would like more in-depth information on, feel free to call us at (225) 756-8480.

Q: Who's the eagle?

A: His name is Sam, "The Patriotic Plumber."

Q: If I smell gas, should I call the gas company?

A: We suggest calling a plumber first because we may be able to fix the leak before it is a big problem. The gas company will come out and turn your gas off. Once your gas is shut off a gas test will have to be performed and inspected by the city-parish which is at least a 2-day process.

Of course, if there is danger posed as a result of excessive gas, yes, you should call the gas company.

Q: What is a video pipe inspection?

A: If you have a stoppage and the line appears to be broken, we need to find out where to access the area in question. We drop a camera on a fiber optic reel with a tracking device into the line. Not only can we view the inside of the line, but we can also locate the area where the bad spot begins. This tells us where to access the drain line for repair. This is used for both outside drain lines and drain lines under the slab.

Q: What is an electronic leak detection?

A: This equipment tests your home’s water coming from your well or meter system for leaks.

Q: When it is freezing, should I run my water.

A: Until the temperature gets below 28 degrees, pipes freezing shouldn't be a big concern. If it does get below freezing, run a stream of warm water about the size of the end of a pencil for several minutes to heat the pipes.

Q: My gas water heater goes out. Do I just need to relight it?

A: There is a reason the flame to your water heater is going out; but until we can look at it and determine the cause, we do not suggest relighting it. Call us to schedule a service appointment, and we'll send someone out as soon as possible.

Q: My electric water heater does not put out enough water. Do I need to replace the element?

A: Most Electric water heaters have 2 elements and 2 thermostats. It may be one, some, or all of these components, but we won’t know until we test the electrical elements of your water heater.

Q: My toilet is sluggish when it flushes. Why?

A: It could be a stoppage or lime deposits in the toilet.

Q: My toilet continually makes a noise. Why?

A: Either the flush valve is bad, or the fill valve is bad.  It may also be that the flapper is leaking through.

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