Be somebody's hero! American Plumbing Company, Baton Rouge, LA

Be somebody's hero!  Give blood!,, #giveblood, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection, #waterheater, #draincleaning

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Maybe! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

A customer called complaining her daughter's bedroom floods when she runs her washing machine. While checking out her issue I found somebody playing plumber, illegally connected her washing machine drain to her hall tub waste & overflow. She stated that she just bought the home. She would have definitely benefitted from a home inspection!,, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection, #washingmachinedrain

A lizard? American Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

A customer called complaining about his tankless water heater making noises. What did we find? A dead lizard in the fan motor. You just never know!,, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection, #tankless water heater

Of course! American Plumbing, Port Allen, LA

Occasionally, we run across an inside non-condensing tankless water heater that started leaking causing damage below due to NO water heater pan. When we point this out to the customer, we always get the same reply. We were told we DID NOT need a water pan! Foolish! Remember to protect yourself and your property. Regardless of tank type water heater, condensing tankless water heater and non-condensing tankless water heater ALWAYS install a water heater pan!,, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection, #tanklesswaterheaterpan

Of course we're open! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

Yesterday, I was asked if we would be open today due to the weather. I asked if we were supposed to close for possible weather that may arrive on Saturday? I replied, of course we will be open. This is a NO SNOWFLAKE workplace! Call American Plumbing today!,, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection, #NOSNOWFLAKES

That's just wrong! American Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

Call American Plumbing first to resolve your plumbing issue. This customer called American Plumbing 2nd to correct the plumbing issue their handyman created. Call American Plumbing today!,, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection, #lavatorydrainrepair

A brother's love! American Plumbing Company, Denham Springs, LA

Yesterday, Ed Henry went into surgery to donate approximately a 1/3 of his liver to his sister to save her life. That is what a brother's love looks like! You the man Ed!,, #videopipeinspection, #leakdetection, #busteddrainlineinslab

Check your disconnect! American Plumbing Company, Port Allen, LA

You have an electric water heater and no hot water? Check your water heater disconnect to make sure it's connected! Yes! It really happened!,, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection, #backflowinspection, #electricwaterheater

Up and running! American Plumbing Company, Gonzales, LA

Our new website is up and running! Check it out! It's mobile friendly with click to call buttons, website discount, new content, Google 5 star review button, concerns button and broad description of our services. Let us know what you think!,, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection, #toiletrepair Website address:

Sorry! American Plumbing Company, Baton Rouge, LA

A customer called thinking his a/c drain was stopped up due to his a/c not running. Once we were in his attic, we immediately knew he did not have a plumbing problem but an electrical problem. Can you tell why?,, #leakdetection, videopipeinspection

Buyers beware! American Plumbing Company, Denham Springs, LA

Looking at buying a home built in the 1980's? Check out the water piping. If you see gray polybutylene tubing, RUN AWAY! There is a reason this tubing has been banned in the U.S. and other countries.,, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection, #waterheaters

Poor planning! American Plumbing Company, Port Allen, LA

When you plan poorly and do not use a licensed plumber, you build the kitchen cabinet around the water heater with NO accessibility!,, #waterheaters, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection

Avoid paying twice! American Plumbing Company, Baton Rouge, LA

A rental property customer called saying his tenants have not been able to drain their 2nd floor unit washing machine without it overflowing. Upon accessing the drain line we found it was over 18" too high and not vented due to an improper plumbing remodel. Now he is having to pay twice thanks, to an unlicensed plumber! Remember! An unlicensed plumber, IS NOT a plumber!,, #leakdetection

Broken torque toilet flange? American Plumbing Company, May 2, 2019

Have a broken cast iron toilet flange and your plumber wants to replace it with a PVC torque toilet flange? You called the wrong plumber! We are constantly replacing failed PVC torque flanges that failed after only a couple of years compared to cast iron toilet flanges that consistently last over 20 years. Call American Plumbing today!,, #brokentoiletflange, #leakdetection, #videopipeinspection

Don't waste your money! American Plumbing Company, Port Allen, LA

If you replace your water heater and need a water heater pan, do not make a mistake buying an undersized round water heater pan. They are too small and not deep enough to protect you and your home.,, #videopipeinspection, #leakdetection, #draincleaning, #backflowcertification

A great night! American Plumbing Company, Baton Rouge, LA

Last Thursday was a great night for the Empower 225 Gala! A lot of money was raised for our at risk kids, foster children program, child adoption program and anti-human trafficking program. Please remember Empower 225 throughout the year!,