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Slim pickings! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

While at an annual convention last week, there was a constant discussion about a shortage of young people entering the work force. Reasons? Lazy or poor work ethic, cannot pass a drug test, not a good representative for the business due to appearance, applicant is a punk that thinks they know everything, etc. How did this happen? Think about it. While we are doing yard work or paying somebody to do our yard work, while cleaning the house or paying somebody to clean the house most kids are sitting in the a/c on their butts inside the house playing video games. Parents do not want to hurt their kids feelings and now their kids have turned into bums and continue to sponge off their parents. The dope head kids settle for a low pay job since they cannot pass a drug test for a reputable job and expect their head in the sand parents to take up the slack. This is why the current labor participation rate is only 62.6%. Wake up parents!

Think this cannot happen to the U.S.? American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

Greece is a perfect example of a liberal socilist nation. This is what happens when you create an entitlement society. Obama and liberals are bringing us down this path.

Do you have a CMD? American Plumbing Company, Baton Rouge, LA

I am a creature of habit. Everyday when I workout I wear the same cap and sweat in the same cap for weeks until I cannot take the odor anymore. It becomes a CMD! What is a CMD? A Cap of Mass Destruction. I could not take it anymore and had to wash it after today's workout.

Well played! American Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

I admit that I was panicking after the 1st inning yesterday. In the end LSU came up with the big win. GEAUX TIGERS!

Justice at last? American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

Last June, a worthless piece of human debris strck from behind and killed our friends son. Almost a year later he was captured in Georgia. Another piece of garbage dope head off the street.

Geaux Tigers! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

American Plumbing wishes the Tigers the best of luck in Omaha. GEAUX TIGERS! Do they even play baseball in Alabama? :)

Geaux Tigers! America Plumbing, Port Allen, LA

Congratulations to the Tigers for an awesome win yesterday. It's ashame they have to play ULL. It would great that both teams could go to the World Series.

Car Prep Day! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

Saturday, April 18, 2015 is the annual HPC Car Prep for widows, single moms and military wives. If you know any widows, single moms or military wives have them call Healing Place with their vehicle information to add their name to the list. We change the fluids, wipers, filters, etc. Afterwards, we wash and vacuum their vehicles. While their vehicles are being serviced the ladies are fed and given maicures. If the ladies want they can just bring their vehicle to be washed and vacuumed. We always see hundreds of women at this event and is a huge outreach for the church.

Does this look safe? American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

Our customer just bought a home from a guy that bought the home to flip it. To be safe they hired a home inspector. After checking out the water heater the inspector told the customer they want to consider replacing the water heater in the future. Really? Only consider? What do you think?

Know your policy! American Plumbing Company, Denham Springs, LA

Do you have a home warranty? Do you expect everything is covered? Buyer beware! Know your policy. We constantly deal with upset home warranty customers that find out the hard way their claim is not covered at all or only partially covered.

ISIS Job Fair? American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

According to the Obama State Department the terrorists of ISIS need jobs. Maybe we should hold an ISIS Job Fair.

It's what liberals do! American Plumbing, Denham Springs, LA

Brian Williams finally admitted that he was not in a helicopter that was shot down while in Iraq. Did he tell the entire truth?

You have decision to make! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

Thanks to the liberals, replacing your tank type water heater is about to get even more expensive. In fact, starting in April (if your water heater is located in the attic) the new water heaters WILL NOT fit through your attic door.

Thank God! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

Thank God! Another dismal LSU Football year has come and gone. I do not make many wise decisions but, I made a good one by giving up my season tickets this year. I got tired of watching a quarterback that should not be on the field and a defense that seldom shows up in the big games. Chavis leaving? GOOD BYE!
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