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Looks can deceive! American Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

A customer called and says he has a smell coming from the shower. The shower looked nice but, after investigating the problem we found the shower did not have a p-trap. Solution? Break out the bottom of the shower, install p-trap, install shower pan and replace the tile floor.

Spreading the word! American Plumbing, Port Allen, LA

While other millennials are wandering aimlessly though life without God, struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction, my nephew Caleb Smith answered God's call and is the new pastor at Bethany Baptist of Baywood.

Relax! American Plumbing, Denham Springs, LA

By reading messages, talking to people, checking out social media and listening to conservative talk shows I get the impression that Trumpsters feel all Cruz supporters should be enthusiastically jumping on board the Trump train. Really? It has only been a couple of days and the wounds are very fresh. Despite what may have been said during the campaign, Cruz is a good man and great for this country. Trump likes to say people in DC do not like Cruz. Well, the establishment leaders in DC do not like him for one reason. The State of Texas elected Ted Cruz to do a job. He did his job and called out the establishment when it became obvious the establishment was lying to all of us and nobody else would stand up for the people that elected Cruz or stand up for the rest of America. Why? Because the other senators did not want to lose their committee positions. So, Cruz called out Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor. The day after it happened and for days later every conservative talk show host talked about how bold and brave of freshman senator Ted Cruz was. Cruz runs for president and many of those exact same talk show stood by and allowed lies to told about him day after day without defending him. I understand deep down that it was a campaign and that happens. RELAX! Our wounds will heal and I believe, hope and pray the majority of us will be on board. Cruz is a good man and I look forward to the day that he and Trump mend fences. I feel they will because they are both better men than I.

Suck it up and unite! American Plumbing, Denham Springs, LA

Ted fought the good fight but, he saw the hand writing on the wall. Even though I am not a Trump fan in the least, Hillary is murderer in my opinion and Bernie is a socialist. The Supreme Court would be changed for the worst forever if another liberal wins the presidency. With all the conservative pundits bending over backwards to look past Trump's short comings hopefully, they will hold his feet to the fire in nominating a new Supreme Court Justice. I believe we must support and pray that Trump does what the Trumpsters have been convinced he would do. Instead of hanging on to the Never Trump slogan we need to unite and yell NEVER HILLARY!

Many women blessed! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

On Saturday Healing Place Church had another great Car Prep event for approximately 100 widows, single moms and military moms. The numbers were a little thin due to the rain. We hope that we blessed all of the women that showed up.

Don't lose that sell! American Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

Don't risk losing the sell of your home by hiring unlicensed people to perform plumbing services at your home. You could end up with plumbing work that looks like this. Not only is it ugly but, it is illegal and does not function properly either.

Losing you soul! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

From the moment Trump entered the presidential race and declared that at 69 years old he changed his views on multiple issues from extreme liberal to so called common sense conservative. I never bought it. Several so called conservatives fell for the lie for the simple reason that he is a so called celebrity with a foul big mouth. Instead of listening to what he actually said and acknowledging the lies that he consistently tells, Trumpsters give him a pass. Yesterday takes the cake. On Wednesday after Target announced they were going to allow transgenders enter the ladies restroom, I saw multiple posts from Trump supporters that they were going to boycott Target. The next day (Thursday) Trump announces that transgenders should be allowed to go to the restroom of their choice and several Trumpsters put aside all of their values. They are now going out of their way to defend Trump's lack of values. What is wrong with you people? Have you lost your soul?

Hits home! American Plumbing, Port Allen, LA

This morning I found out Hokie Gajan died of cancer at 56. Since I will be 56 next month it is very eye opening. I really enjoyed Hokie as both an LSU and Saints player. May God bless Hokie and his family.

What a waste! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

The murder of Will Smith this past weekend is a terrible tragedy that should have never happened! May God bless this his family!

Yep! American Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

A customer called about a stoppage under her crawl space home. $1,700.00 later we fixed the problem that was caused by an unlicensed UNHANDYMAN.

Very disappointed! American Plumbing, Port Allen, LA

The wife and I went to see Batman vs. Superman and we were very disappointed. While the fight scenes were great, a lot of the movie was focused on Superman being God like. In the past Superman represented everything good with society and never did they refer to him as a God. Missing the good ole days I guess. Of course today we live in a world that some politicians believe legalizing gateway drugs such as marijuana will not contribute to the increase in heroin addiction. Perfect example of going to hell in a hand basket.

These old boots! American Plumbing, Denham Springs, LA

As the primary season is coming to an end and we have to ask ourselves, who can beat Kankles Clinton or Socialist Sanders? These candidates are so bad that I believe my old work boots can beat either one of the morons!
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