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Think twice! American Plumbing, Port Allen, LA

Think twice before you let somebody run a yard drain across your main sewer line. This yard drain put so much pressure on the main sewer line that the main sewer line became disconnected.

Prayers answered! American Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

A couple of weeks ago we found out that we have twin grand babies on the way. Yesterday, it was confirmed both babies appear healthy. Our prayers were answered! Congratulations, Justin, Brittany and big brother Issac! We love you!

Rubber boot? American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

This is a busted drain line at a customer's home. When our plumber quoted the customer a price to repair the busted drain line the customer asked, can't you repair it with a rubber boot? Really?

Don't be scared! American Plumbing, Denham Springs, LA

A customer called about the internal vessel on his pressure assist toilet leaking. The toilet is about 1 1/2 years old and past the normal warranty period. A new vessel for the toilet was going to cost over $200.00. I told him to contact the manufacturer to see if they would send him a vessel for free. He called, he asked and they did. It never hurts to ask!

A main sewer line replacement is not your only need! American Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

Below is a home where the customer wanted a quote to replace their main sewer line. Upon arrival I found the washing machine draining to outside of their home due to constant backing up when the washing machine drained into the drain line. This is an indication of a busted drain line in the slab. I told the customer they may have 2 issues.

Get off your butt! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

Ever notice those people on social media posting old pictures of themselves fishing for compliments, just because father or mother time has caught up with them and they are too lazy to exercise and eat right? Don't be mad that you are still doing what you have always done (which is nothing) and now you are 50 lbs. overweight with cottage cheese thighs, a dimpled butt and a waist line that sticks out farther than your chest. Grow up, quit making excuses and exercise! It is amazing what 1 hour of exercise 4 times a week will do. Not to mention, you will feel better about yourself, less critical of others and start posting current pictures of yourself. So, quit watching Honey Boo Boo and The Housewives of Beverly Hills and get moving. Get more involved with your life and pay less attention to the lives of white trash!

Your drinking water smells? American Plumbing, Denham Springs, LA

A customer complained about his drinking water smelling like sewer. Upon inspection we found his sewer line stopped up and broken. His water line was is rusted out, leaking and on top of the sewer line. Result? Sewer water entering the drinking water.

Outmatched! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

As much as I like Peyton Manning and dislike the Seahawks, I have the admit the Broncos were outmatched in every facet of the game.
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