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Rest In Peace! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

It was heartbreaking to hear that Kevin Meeks was killed in a Motorcycle accident on Friday, August 19, 2016. While I seldom agreed with his mainly liberal views while he was WJBO, I'll take him over Jerry V. any day! God bless you Kevin!

Supplies needed! American Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

While a lot of us are getting back to work, we can still help out by bringing miscellaneous supplies to our churches, Red Cross, etc. to give to those in need. God Bless! #americanplumbing

Rest in peace! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

Matthew Gerald will be buried today. May God bless Matthew, his family and all or our police officers. #americanplumbing

Are you affected? America Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

Do you have a pressure assist toilet? This recall may be of interest to you. Call American Plumbing today. #americanplumbing

Never too early! American Plumbing, Port Allen, LA

It's never too early to teach a work ethic. Instead of allowing your kids to stay in bed till noon on Saturday while you are busting your butt doing yardwork, kick their butts out of bed and make them help. Call American Plumbing for all your plumbing repair needs. #americanplumbing

Be prepared! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

If you ever have your outside sewer line replaced, be prepared that it takes time for your yard to heal. After all, a trench does have to be dug. Call American Plumbing today!

The cost of cutting corners! American Plumbing, Gonzales, LA

If you buy a home with a tankless water heater, check to make sure it has a control pad. To save money, some contractors install tankless water heaters without control pads. If a tankless water heater fails and we find it does not have a control pad it cannot be tested before one is installed. This is more expensive than originally purchasing a unit with a control pad.

Thanks! American Plumbing, Baton Rouge, LA

Thanks Jennifer, Justin for the awesome Father's Day lunch and wonderful grandkids. Thanks Rhonda for being a wonderful wife. Thanks Cameron and Tristan for the Father's Day wishes. Wish you were here.
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